Continue to learn by teaching. Our teens in 8th grade and up are welcomed back to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for Judaism and learning with our students through our Madrichim program. Through a variety of roles in the school, students assist teachers, interact with students and are presented with real-life opportunities for leadership and skill-building.

Just a few examples of the incredible work our Madrichim have done:

  • Individual Hebrew tutoring
  • Song leading, music and service leading
  • Attendance record keeping and miscellaneous office duties
  • Graphic design, artwork, event promotion and poster creation
  • Holiday event and experiential learning  planning

We do our best to place Madrichim in roles where they will be successful and feel impactful.  Our hope for every teen in our community is that through diligent work and caring guidance, they come to feel important and valued in our community.  They will have many opportunities to learn, reflect and then to grow by teaching others.


Madrichim who are accepted to aid in our school and classrooms must fulfill several requirements:

  • 8th grade or older
  • a member of Ohr Shalom Synagogue
  • attendance and participation in a mandatory workshop before school opens and periodic inservice trainings during the school year
  • a commitment to a consistent schedule of participation

In connection with Ohr Shalom Synagogue education, youth and USY programs, applicants will be expected to adhere to the code of conduct indicated here: Ohr Shalom School and Youth Programs Code of Conduct for 5781

Applicants should read the USY Code of Conduct (link above). Madrichim are expected to adhere to the program, observe the code at school and any related event, and conduct themselves in a manner reflecting credit upon our school, congregation, and community.


Madrichim are paid according to the following schedule:

First Year stipend: $250*
Second Year stipend: $500*
Participants in all following years who are in 10th Grade and up are paid hourly at the current federally posted minimum wage.

*Stipends are adjusted based on the number of total school sessions each participant attended.  At least 20 sessions must be attended in order to qualify for the stipend.  Madrichim in their first and second years are paid at the end of the school year according to the following schedule:

20 or more sessions: $50 in first year | $100 in second year

40 or more sessions: $125 in first year | $250 in second year

50 or more sessions: Full stipend

Teen participants must apply for participation in the Madrichim program and will be placed in roles according to their skills and interests.


Download a tentative calendar of school sessions and special events. Our Google Calendar can be viewed and subscribed here.

The school calendar is subject to change, and all changes will be updated here and on Google Calendar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to COVID-19 conditions, the calendar and daily schedule may be adjusted to ensure compliance with public health guidelines and in order to provide optimal experiences for every student.