Week 6: Lynyrd Skynyrd (#95)

When I imagine the music of a summer vibe, one scene that emerges is a dry heat, a lazy breeze that doesn’t brush away much heat (not such a stretch to imagine right now!), heavy air, and air crackling with electric rock. It’s not a real visual scene, but it’s what I see every time I hear the opening chords of “Sweet Home Alabama”.

This is going to be a sincere auditory learning experience for me, because that is the only Lynyrd Skynyrd song I have ever heard! Yet they appear on list after list of essential, foundational rock music. Time to find out why.

Read what Ed Kooper wrote about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s place on the list here: Rolling Stone Top 100 Artists: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Have you been a lifelong fan? Will their catalog be brand-new to you like it is to me? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Hop into the discussion and share what you listened t0 – what’s it got you thinking about? ┬áLean more about the Music Project here.

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