Cooking with USY – Two New Summer Programs!

Kadima Cooks – up to 6th Grade* – Selected Mondays 11 am-12 pm

Easy, tasty and homemade, this cooking activity series will focus on helping our budding chefs build confidence, food knowledge and self-reliance in the kitchen.

(Would it be so bad if they became amazing kitchen assistants for their family?) We hope this series will earn a *chef’s kiss* from our cooks and their parents!

We’ll stick to easily available staples and send out ingredients and materials needed in advance.

*Open to all ages but the difficulty level will be appropriate to our elementary-aged participants.

Starting Monday, June 22 at 11 am, led by Marci Prag and Cheryl Katz.

Teen Cooking – Build your kitchen chops! Selected Thursdays 3-4 pm

This series will build practical kitchen life skills – how to make homemade staples, knife skills and mastering cooking equipment and methods.  Once you’ve mastered basic technique, you can bring your food imagination to reality!

Open to 7th graders and up, and recommended for participants who can safely cut foods with adult kitchen knives, and are allowed to use their stovetops and ovens at home.

We’ll send out ingredient and equipment lists in advance, emphasizing commonly available items.

Beginning Thursday, June 18 at 3 pm, led by Cheryl Katz and Marci Prag.

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